VIDEO: Vin Diesel and Michelle best moments


Vin Diesel and Michelle best moment.

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Michelle Rodriguez is calling “Fast and Furious 7” the “roughest shoot” of her career, and hopes it makes Paul Walker proud.

“15 years later Ride or Die through thick and thin we finally finished the hardest emotional roller coaster, #FF7,” Rodriguez wrote on Facebook on Thursday after the production wrapped reshoots. “Hope to make you proud P, love you.”

The actress, who posed with co-star Vin Diesel for the snapshot (above) that accompanied the shout out to her fallen friend, also recognized the hard work from the rest of the cast and crew.

“One love to a crew and cast that endured most likely the roughest shoot in their careers,” Rodrigues wrote in a separate post. “A labor done with love and respect for a legacy that will live on long after we’re gone.”

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