Cody Walker will return Brian on Fast and Furious 9


The Fate of the Furious” exceeded all expectations at the box office, setting the record for highest-earning worldwide opening weekend of all time, beating the current record holder ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’ Worldwide the movie made $532.5 million in a single weekend! Those involved with the films have already confirmed that Fate Of The Furious is actually a part of the next trilogy of films for the franchise. Meaning 9 and 10 will likely also feature the same cast of characters and villains (kick-ass Charliese Theron included!) Meanwhile, Paul Walker’s brother, Cody Walker, who stepped in to help with the 7th film after Paul died just gave something away about Fast 9. Cody says most of the next movie will be filmed in Australia. Not just that but Cody wants into the film in a new character role and he meets with Vin Diesel about it soon. The 9th film is out in 2019.

“The fans deserve Fast And The Furious 9 down here. It’s always somewhere new and they haven’t been here yet. It’s long overdue.”

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